Summer Quotes

In every girls life; there’s a boy she’ll never forget and a summer where it all began.

The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever.

Summer is filled with breaking the rules, standing apart, ignoring your head, and following your heart.

I will never forget those endless summer days that I spent with you.

Summer lovin’ had me a blast, summer lovin’, happened so fast, I met a girl crazy for me, I met a boy, cute as can be.

Here’s to the nights when the sand is in your seat, the waves kiss your feet, & your friends out number the stars in the sky.

I thought we were more than just a summer romance?

Summer is the stuff of dreams.

That summer seemed to last forever… those were the best days of my life.

There is no “we” in summer. Only “u” and “me”.

Live for the summer love. When the water just hits your feet among the sand, even when the nights turn cold, it’s not as cold as the one in your hand.

Bikinis, towels, soaking in the sun, oceans, beaches, just having fun, meeting cute boys, out after dark, swimming at the pool and hanging out at the park. Let summer begin!

I never promised you a happy ending. You never said that you wouldn’t make me cry. But summer love will keep us warm, long after our autumn goodbye.

Fate fell short this time, your smile fades in the summer. Place your hand in mine, I’ll leave when I want to.

You’re going away in late September, but thanks for a summer I’ll always remember.