Facebook Quotes

Here’s a thought: if there wasn’t a Facebook, how many family and friends would still be a part of your life?

Facebook: helping you spy on people one click at a time.

I’m bored because I’m on Facebook & I’m on FACEBOOK because I’m bored.

Using Facebook as a tool for procrastination.

Facebook is not a social network it’s a “lifetime”, Reality TV”, “TMZ”, and “Comedy Central” all on one Network.

Have you ever noticed how Facebook is like prison? You sit around wasting time & writing on walls while being poked by people you haven’t met…

I think Facebook needs an “are you for real?” button! I think that says it all!

Three rules to live by on Facebook: 1) Believe nothing you see 2) Believe only half of what is typed 3) If it’s on here, it’s everybody’s business!

Facebook: creating, and killing relationships since 2004.

If there are literally billions of places to go on the internet, why do I always end up blankly staring at Facebook?

Facebook. It’s full of arguments, family feuds, lover feuds, lies, fake lives and shock… that’s right, why watch reality TV when there’s Facebook!